So hard to be a student

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Don't move, you're with Riton. But why in english? Well, you know the FCE? No? How lucky you are. It means you're gonna sleep tomorrow.

Well, not for me. Because of this fuckin' school, and in addition of our courses, we must pass this english exam. However we have plenty of time, just 40 hours a week at school, over-sized programing projects and about eight exams in one week just after holidays. Just do it ©.

For those who don't know the FCE, just a few explanations. It's not a basic exam, but a diploma. It means that it won't take us just a few hours, but the next two saturdays. I sayed we were lucky... It includes 5 tests, like oral or use of english, so no chance to bluff (Really? We're gonna try!). So let's take your flute and work your tablatures, we will succeed tomorrow!

If you think I have make too much mistakes in these few lines, don't laught at me... And pray please.

To be continued...